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Donations are exempted under section 80G vide No. CIT(EXEMPTION), DELHI/2019-20/80G/11213 valid from assessment year 2020-21 onwards till it is rescinded. SAMDeS Signs MoU with Arzuh International Pty Ltd (AIPL), Australia

Our Focus Areas

Atmanirbhar Bharat

Integration of resources to achieve self reliance

International and national regulatory framework on Arms Trade

Mission oriented investments in R&D and innovation

Process protocols for technology absorption

Innovative investment options for defence sector

Skill sets for defence manufacturing

Knowledge Partner on compliance issues

Export potential of Indian defence products

SAMDeS is India’s KEY non-profit think tank, which aims to promote multi-disciplinary research and analysis to inspire and inform the public and private policy discourse on national aerospace, defence, military and maritime Industry Related matters. The objective is to encourage a non-partisan and balanced examination of issues, foster thought provoking debates and discussion and to serve as a repository of information and an institutional resource base.
SAMDeS is registered under the Societies Registration Act 1860, with the Registrar of Society, NCT.

Our Goal is to

Conduct Independent multi disciplinary research and analysis to provide guidance and propose policies to create a vibrant, inclusive and comprehensive aerospace, defence and maritime ecosystem that best meets the national security objectives and spurs concurrent growth of the domestic A&D industry in an integrated coordinated and harmonized manner.

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Ambassador Ronen Sen

I congratulate you for taking the timely initiative of setting up the Society for Aerospace, Maritime and Defence Studies.

Shri Nikhil Gandhi

I fully agree that creation of such an organization was long overdue with a neutral objective and contribute significantly to this very important cause in the interest of national security.

Shri PR Sivasubramanian

I must congratulate you along with your cofounders on taking initiative in establishing SAMDeS with very laudable objectives. I am sure with your multi disciplinary approach SAMDeS will produce solutions in the Defence sector, with indigenization as the dominant feature.

General NC Vij

It is indeed the call of the day and a most desirable venture.

Shri Shekhar Dutt, SM

Heartiest Congratulations. I am sure its going to be very useful to the sector.