1. Maritime security and the Blue Economy evolve and develop in an interdependent manner. Neither can be successful without the other. As the Blue Economy develops there occurs a natural requirement for greater demand for maritime security which trigger investment and growth in the induction of appropriate capabilities. As the oceans become more secure and safe commerce expands to the possibilities that technology offers. Maritime security is an enabler of the Blue Economy,for example, through securing freedom of navigation and overflight in the oceanic commons, providing safe navigation and safety of the merchant marine fleet, providing weather and oceanographic information to stakeholders, averting toxic dumping and discharge of polluting ballast, illegal migration and smuggling and protecting assets and resources within the jurisdictional zones of maritime arena. Of these assignments the primary purpose is to ensure that access to commodities, resources and markets are not commandeered by a particular nation to the disadvantage of others and wanton over exploitation of ocean resources and degradation of its ecological systems is prevented by the concerted action of the comity of nations.
  2. Just as land needs to be policed and regulated to prevent misuse oceans today also require an equal if not greater greater attention to avert abuse. These roles are traditionally assigned to the Navy of Nations and para-military Maritime Forces.
  3. It is well understood that no one nation can sustainably address the myriad issues of a Blue Economy as its temporal and spatial dimensions overflow to various direct and indirect sectors. The investments are huge and stakes are equally high. Therefore, a security architecture that is wired and shared is a necessity for a stable, safe, secure and sustainable ocean ecosystem that builds the Blue Economy of nations.
  4. Therefore, there is a strong business case for a collaborative investment in various surveillance and response systems ranging from equatorial orbit satellite system, Long Range Identification and Tracking systems and widespread application of Automated Identification Systems for Dark Vessel tracking and recognition, supported with Big DATA and artificial intelligence. At the state level White Shipping Agreements and generation of data fused common operational pictures shared amongst the relevant security and intelligence agencies would require the combined resources and strengths of nations working together for a common sustainable, safe, secure and stable future.
  5. There is no better than time now than now to gather our thoughts collectively to chart the way forward for the sustainable maritime future we need.

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