by Rupal Kalebere

A major step towards influencing India’s future in human spaceflight and beyond was taken by SAMDeS and Axiom Space recently with their webinar. The webinar emphasized Axiom Space’s position as a top supplier of services for human spaceflight and its dedication to promoting cooperation with India in the field of space exploration.

Axiom Space and SAMDeS, two significant players in India’s aerospace ecosystem, collaborated to present an informative webinar that explored the possibility of cooperation between the two organizations. The seminar’s main focus was on how Axiom Space could help India achieve its goal of sending national astronauts to the International Space Station (ISS) by 2024 and advance the country’s status as a major space power.

With noteworthy accomplishments like the Chandrayaan and Mars Orbiter Missions Mangalyaan, India has achieved impressive progress in space exploration. India now has a prominent position in the international space community because of these accomplishments. The webinar emphasized the potential synergies between India’s existing knowledge and technical strengths with Axiom Space’s and industrial capabilities, and the collaboration comes at a time when India is looking to further develop its capabilities in human spaceflight.

Axiom Space presents India with special potential through its participation in supplying end-to-end missions to the International Space Station (ISS) and its development of Axiom Station, a permanent commercial destination in low Earth orbit (LEO). Being the only provider of wholly private crews to the ISS and having the exclusive use of a port on the ISS to build Axiom Station, the firm plays a significant role in the changing face of space travel. India’s space capabilities could potentially accelerate as a result of its collaboration with Axiom Space. India could have access to state-of-the-art training, critical human spaceflight competencies, microgravity research platforms, and innovative technologies through Axiom Space’s three primary lines of business: Astronaut Missions, World’s First Commercial Space Station (Axiom Station), and Spacesuits.

The webinar focused on how important astronaut missions to the International Space Station (ISS) are as a special way to carry out research and technology demonstrations in low-Earth orbit (LEO). This offers universities, startups, and businesses in India a chance never seen before to conduct space-based research, boosting both scientific knowledge and commercial prospects. India’s space exploration objectives are well aligned with Axiom Space’s concept for Axiom Station, the next generation space platform that is slated to replace the International Space Station. The partnership makes it possible for India to take part in the construction and management of Axiom Station, changing space access and paving the way for a new wave of space leaders.

India and Axiom Space’s partnership presents several prospects for expansion. Through the promotion of innovation, filling up skill gaps in the workforce, and incorporating technology into India’s space ecosystem, Axiom Space’s experience may accelerate India’s national objectives. The two entities’ relationship is further strengthened by the possibility of working together on supply chain opportunities and freight restocking with Indian entrepreneurs. Given  India’s own aspirations of the Bharatiya Antariksha Station a.k.a Indian Space Station which is planned to be in functional by 2035, Axiom could have a potentially significant role in codeveloping and coproducing the modules for the space station. In conclusion, the webinar that SAMDeS and Axiom Space arranged is a shining example for what lies ahead for India’s space exploration projects. The collaboration has the potential to boost India’s capacity for manned spaceflight, encourage creativity, and advance human space exploration on a worldwide scale. The  webinar was very well attended by senior participants across the armed forces, industry and research organisations


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